Video Submission Details

For select events, competitors will submit their competition entries via video.  Here are some recommendations for coaches and competitors to keep in mind:



A) AUDIO: The audio must be clear and without echo, static or other excessive noise. 


B) IMAGE: The image must be as clear as possible. The camera must have an unobstructed, in-focus view from your mid-torso up to your face. The entire speaking area must be visible throughout the recording. 


C) PRODUCTION: The recording may not be edited in any way, such as by adding text, graphics, images, or anything that does not meet the requirements above. Videos with any additional production features are not encouraged - nor do they have significant impact on the adjudication.



  • can sit or stand your delivery; camera must capture your face and upper body

  • for Dramatic Interpretation, it may be necessary to film your full body movement. 

  • ensure your speaking area must be fully lit. 

  • facial expressions must be visible; the image should not be too bright or dark. 

  • start recording a few seconds before the recitation / stop recording a few seconds after the end. 

  • use a tripod or secure the camera on a shelf. 

  • watch the video after you film it - ensuring it is a full recording



A) FILE UPLOAD / SHARING: Upload your videos to your personal Google drive and share the link via the correct Google Form linked here (also available at






B) FILE NAMES: Please title your video as follows: 


LAST NAME - Category


  • Example: WYNDHAM WEST  -  Interpretive Reading


C) SETTINGS: ensure the video settings are set to:


Anyone with the link can view


If you are having difficulty or want to ensure we have received the upload please contact us at:

Online Event Details

It is recommended that schools attending remotely gather safely as a competitor group and participate in the company of a supervising adult / coach who can ensure compliance with the measures outlined here (as well as facilitate the synchronous lock-ups associated with some of the events):



ZOOM VERSION: Ensure you and your competitors have the most updated version of Zoom. As well, if your  competitors have not used Zoom before, we highly encourage you to test it with them to  make it works technically and they are familiar with it.  


NOTE: Version 5.3.0 or later, allows  competitors to move on their own to breakout rooms. This makes the management of the  tournament much easier for the organizers.


RELIABLE CONNECTION: Competitors are encouraged to join the competition from a place of reliable internet connection - if / where possible.  This will assist in the clarity and quality of presentation.


NOTE; If a competitor is disconnected from their event due to an internet connection or zoom issue; and can not re-join after a few moments, they are encouraged to contact their coach / teacher sponsor immediately.  The phone number and email to reach tournament organizers directly; used for moments of being unable to connect via zoom only is:

1 - 888 - 512 - 8154

NAMES   Please be sure you know how to change your name on Zoom, and change it to reflect your  competitor code, and use your full name. For example, if your name is Levi tepner and your code is SHS1, please  ensure your name in zoom appears as:

SHS1 Levi Tepner


Judges should identify  themselves as "Judge - Your Name". Coaches will also be given a code for their school and should change their name zoom name accordingly: for example - Grace Nolan from Branksome Hall will be: 

BHSC Grace Nolan

It helps a great deal to be able to identify that everyone is where they  should be, and the identity of all attending. 


PREPARATION & LOCK-UPS  Competitors will be assigned to breakout rooms specific to their event just after the relevant SESSION Competitor & Judges Roll Call.  Ensure that you and your competitors are present.

Competitors in Debate categories will be assigned to 2 breakout rooms for preparation and will then reconvene at the designated time in the even numbered room for the debate

Competitors in the Extemporaneous Speaking and / or Radio Newscast Events will be assigned to 1 Breakout Room for preparation time and will be dismissed from the room and sent via the Main Session to a second / designated Breakout Room to compete.  

HONOUR SYSTEM.  Competitors  are reminded that they may NOT use electronic means or previously prepared material to prepare for the Parliamentary Debate rounds.  Cross-Examination Debaters may access materials they have assembled in advance of the tournament.  Competitors in Newscast may only access the newspaper provided for the event.  Competitors in Extemporaneous Speaking and Impromptu Speaking may not access the internet and / or any outside resources during their preparation time.   

We ask that all participants and coaches work towards ensuring a fair event and abide by the stated rules, similar to those followed at the in-person version of the tournament.  


CAMERAS  Competitors, Coaches and Judges attending IISPSC2022 should have their cameras on during all active portions of the event.  This includes preparation time, breakout rooms and while receiving  / judges feedback.


CHAT USE & INTERRUPTIONS Competitors may use the chat to everyone function during the Session Role Calls.   During the competitions and lock-ups, competitors and coaches will only be able to message the tournament organizer / session host - during those times, and may need to leave Breakout Rooms to do so.


Points of Information will be verbal. During unprotected time, debaters can briefly un-mute themselves to offer a POI and say "point". If  they are accepted by the speaker, they can continue to speak. Please be sure it is done in a way that is not generally disruptive.  

TIMEKEEPERS & MODERATORS  Each synchronous event room will have a designated timekeeper and / or moderator.  They will report the speaking times at the end of the session.  They will also report their times to the competitors and judges in the room.  Competitors may elect to self-time as it assists their in-presentation / in-round knowledge, but the times maintained and recorded by the timekeeper for each room will be those considered official.

SPECTATORS must check in at the session role call and may only be assigned to breakout rooms if zoom capacity permits.  Spectators must keep their audio off at all times and may not use the chat function.