04-06 March 2022

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada



Thank you for considering assisting at our International Independent School Public Speaking Event hosted here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The event has been re-organized as an ONLINE event, which in the case of debate & public speaking, still allows competitors from several countries to come together and participate via ZOOM:


JUDGES too, are able to review events via ZOOM and submit their reviews electronically. In Canada, we have seen this format work well throughout the pandemic, and it thus permits student competitors to keep developing their skills white trying for higher levels of competition throughout their High School years.  Thank you volunteer judges everywhere - you've helps us keep this activity going throughout 2020 - 22.


 Below are outlined shift options for volunteer judges, as well as a brief description of the public speaking and debate events competing at that time.  Know that each room has 3 - 4 judges, all of whom are volunteering their time and have varying levels of familiarity with competitive public speaking.   Feedback to competitors is provided at the conclusion of the round verbally (optional) and / or in numeric & anecdotal form on the competition ballot. 


A full briefing, describing each event, scoring range and allowing for questions & answers is provided ahead of each round . We strive to ensure all guest / volunteer judges feel comfortable in their role.

ALL TIMES noted in the schedule below are in ATLANTIC STANDARD TIME

[AST / GMT-4]


SHIFT A - 1 

February 27 - March 3

3.5 - 4  hrs anytime

Entries will be submitted by VIDEO

Judges may complete their ballits after reviewing 5 - 7 candidate videos


Friday March 04

5:30pm - 9:30pm


LIVE event - judges sign on to zoom code provided


Saturday March 5

10:00am - 2:30pm 


LIVE event - judges sign on to zoom code provided


Saturday March 5

3:00pm - 6:00 pm


Category 3

Persuasive: Participants will persuade a serious topic identifying a problem and solution for 7-13 minutes.

After Dinner Speaking: Speakers will deliver a 6 minute speech designed to inform and entertaining

Category 4

Interpretive Reading: Participants will select a passage from with a published work of literary merit and read a 5 - 11 passage of their choice

Dramatic Interpretation: Participants will select a 1 character component of a play of literary merit and deliver monologue of between 5 to 12 minutes

Category 2

Parliamentary Debate: Participants will compete in teams of 2, speaking for or against a debatable motion they receive 30 minutes in advance of the round

Radio Newscast: Participants will have 30 minute to prepare a four minute "top of the hour" radio news broadcast.  Presentations are 4 minutes each

Category 1

Extemporaneous: Participants will select one of three current event topics to speak for 3-6 minutes on. 

Impromptu Speaking: Speakers will select one of three topics and prepare a 3-6 minute speech in two minutes.

Parliamentary Debate: Two two-person randomly selected teams will have thirty minute to prepare for a parliamentary style debate. 

Category 4

Cross-Examination Debate: Two, two-person teams debate an assigned topic with cross-examination following speeches.